Halal Assurance Scheme – Demonstration of Life- UK


This has been one of the most satisfying and fulfilling projects with which I have been associated since entering the House of Lords and
it shows what can be achieved by stakeholder agreement without legislation. I must thank the halal authorities for their positive engagement,
Defra and Lord Goldsmith for their support, and all those who helped, including the National Farmers’ Union, the BVA and the Animal Welfare
Committee, for their input. UK sheep farmers face a challenging future with the substantial French export market uncertain after Brexit and the
phasing out of the direct subsidy payments to be replaced by ‘public money for public goods’. But the introduction of this halal assurance scheme
and the ‘Demonstration of Life’ protocol provide great opportunities for our sheep farmers to export to the vast global halal market. In short, it is good for halal, good for sheep and good for UK sheep farmers.

-Lord Trees

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Halal Assurance Scehme – Demonstration of Life- UK